Friday, March 19, 2010

What do you think?

I was talking with a friend who asked me about the Bible studies and wondered if I had sold any. My response was, no, I have not sold either of them to anyone.

I mentioned that I realized that that is because I am "an unknown" as a Bible writer and in the wider Christian Community. No one really knows if the Bible studies I have written are valid, if I am sincere, if I have enough knowledge to write or teach anyone anything from the Bible. I am an "unknown quantity" to them.

It occurred to me that I have a good reputation for Bible teaching at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain but, outside of that, not much. I'm not famous. I'm not really interested in fame, but I would like people to trust that my studies are, indeed, useful for delving into the Word of God and simply understanding what is actually being said. When you understand what it actually says, and what it truly means, it opens up something inside that lets you begin or helps you continue growing in knowing Christ. And when you "know" Jesus Christ, when you belong to Him, you have the gift of eternal life!

Joh 17:3 "And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

I am not a Bible school graduate. In fact in the "schooling" area, I only graduated from high school. But I know the Holy Spirit has taught me and is teaching me to read the Bible and I share what He has given me. My teachings are simple, direct, and effective. I have often said that I am a "learner who shares."

So, if you have read or used any of the Bible studies that I have sent to you -- or if you have been in one of my classes in the past, would you be willing to write a short paragraph about your experience and how you would evaluate my teaching? Did you learn anything you did not know before? Did you experience God in a different way than before? Did you grow in knowing Christ? What was your experience like? What do you think of my studies or my classes? Would you recommend them to another person? And may I post your comment on the Bible Studies page, so that people know I am not some nut out there making up things, and that my studies are useful and Spirit lead.

If you would be willing to do that for me, I would really appreciate it. Please either send me an e-mail or comment on the blog spot.

And thank you for being willing to put yourself out there for me. If you cannot, that is not a problem, I'll still love you anyway. Thanks.

Grateful to be in Christ with you,


  1. I have enjoyed Marcia's bible studies for over a year and was very stimulated by her passion and thorough examination of the Bible text. This energy and extra specific information about the passages was very encouraging and I have since developed a closer walk with Christ through experiencing God's presence in our group study and when I applied principles like "abiding in Christ" to my daily walk. She has a way of getting at the heart of a passage and clearly enjoys teaching and sharing so much that we all opened our hearts a little more to each other and to Christ in each session. It was a very special experience with some very special women and a very special teacher. I don't think Marcia needs to worry about how well known she is. Her material speaks engagingly and lovingly for itself. Truth told needs no arguments to prove its worth because it is inherently valid and helpful.

  2. Thank you!! This one comment has made my day. It is exactly what I felt I needed and I have posted it on the site with the Bible studies that are there. Your contribution is heart warming and I am very grateful for your love. If I never get another one... this one is enough. Grateful to be in Christ with you,... Marcia

  3. I have experienced Marcia's writing and teaching for more than two years. She is a master at breaking down passages from the Bible and guiding her group into a deep understanding. Her lessons prompt the learner to study beyond the lesson. She allows the Holy Spirit to teach her and use her to teach others. I am truly blessed to have her as a mentor and friend.

  4. Thank you "Anonymous" -- I am gratified by your kindness and praising the Lord for your help and support. I will also publish your comment on on the Women's Bible Study Page. Again: Thank You!! ... Marcia